Films by Itsushi Kawase



-The Introduction to Ethnic Dance Performance Scene in Urban Ethiopia-
39min / 2007
Mr. Melaku Belay (Dancer)

The film explores the recent evolution of the ethnic dance performance scene in Addis Ababa as a part of the inventorying intangible cultural heritage program of UNESCO Addis Ababa.
Every night in Bahirmishit- nightclubs with singers and dancers -, dance performers called Towzawaji entertain the audience with various dances of ethnic groups in Ethiopia. Choreographies, outfits and props seen in each dance performance represent images of ethnic groups elaborately. This particular performance scene in Addis Ababa came under the spot light known as the representative of "Ethiopian traditional dance" inside of the country and elsewhere. The film demonstrates characteristics and diversity of the dance performance based on the feedback analysis and collaborative filmmaking method with dance performers. It also explores how ethnic images represented through the bodily expression of dance performers can be created, intermingled and then presented as an "Ethiopian Traditional Dance" based on the interaction between performers and various demands of those who consume it.

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