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"When Spirits Ride Their Horses"
will be screened at
Worldfilm, Festival of Visual Culture 2013

Dec. 2012
Film Session, ICES 18
Galerie LISTROS, Berlin
Sound, Sense and Space
"When Spirits Ride Their Horses"
VI Moscow International Festival of Visual Anthropology

Aug. 2012
"When Spirits Ride Their Horses"
The 9th International Film Festival - The Heart of Slavonia
THE 32nd NAFA Film Festival
VI Moscow International Festival of Visual Anthropology

Feb. 2012
Film screening and discussion
2012 Feb-March

"When Spirits Ride Their Horses"
- Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography
- Leiden University
- Université Libre de Bruxelles
- The Royal Museum for Central Africa, Tervuren

Jul. 2011
Repoert on "Visualizing culture" (Mekelle University, Ethiopia)

Nov. 2010
Éthiopie - Courts métrages de Itsushi Kawase (Paris)

Jun. 2010
New Website: Commission on Visual Anthropology
Room11 will be screened at Espresso Cinema (Vienna)

Nov. 2009
DVD "Room 11" is available for sale
Report on "Visualizing Japan" by Renato Rivera
"Timket in Gondar" on

Jul. 2009

Osho Martial Arts Club

May. 2009
Screening and Discussion with Prof. Werbner
Workshop: "Visualizing Japan" (May, Kyoto)

Oct. 2008
"Room 11" has received the prize in Nuoro
"Room 11" will be screened in Russia
"Room 11" will be screened at Ethnocineca (film exhibition), Vienna
"Room 11" will be screened at Days of Ethnographic Film, Ljubljana
The debate on "Room 11" in Open Anthropology

Apr. 2008
"Room 11" will be screened at Göttingen International Ethnographic Film Festival
"Room 11" will be screened at Festival international du film ethnographique du Québec

Jan. 2008
Review of the 9th Astra Film Festival in Romania by Nordic Anthropological Film Association

The article on my filmmaking "Kids got a song to sing"

Dec. 2007
"Room 11" will be screened at the film festival "Human Rights in the aspect of interculturalism" in Torun, Poland.

Nov. 2007
"Lalibalocc" and "Room 11" will be screened at the 10th Berlin Ethno Film Fest , Ethnologisches Museum Berlin.