Film Works of Itsushi Kawase

Film screening and discussion

"When Spirits Ride Their Horses"
Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography
Feb 18, 15:00- Feb 23, 18:30-

"Jo Joko", a film on Baka Pygmies by Daisuke Bundo
(world premiere) with Japanese subtitles

Leiden University, Department of Cultural Anthropology
Feb 27, 15:30- Room SB45 (Pieter de la Court building)

"Kids Got a Song to Sing"
"Room 11, Ethiopia Hotel"

Université Libre de Bruxelles
March 7, 18:00- Auditoire A.Z.1.101 (Campus du Solbosch)

"Kids Got a Song to Sing"

The Royal Museum for Central Africa, Tervuren
March 8, 12:00- (reservation required)